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The End of a Storm Limited Edition

30.00 / Sold Out

A3 (11.7 x 16.5 in) poster printed on 160gsm white paper, perfect for framing.
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Ships WORLDWIDE in a sturdy mailing tube.
Only 54 prints available.

Story behind the artwork
The more I learn about Liverpool and the culture of the city the more I realise the significance of Istanbul. It seemed to signal the end of a journey for the city and the redemption of its reputation. The last time it's name was so well publicised across the continent was the 1984 cup win when it was closely linked with the Toxteth riots, high unemployment, crime and urban decay. Then came Heysel, then came Hillsborough and the ban of European football. Soon to begin was the barren league run. Association with wholly good things was quite rare. I wanted this artwork to encapsulate the end of a journey for the city from the strife of the 80’s to the regeneration of it’s image circa 2005 when it was awarded the European Capital of Culture and also became the centre of Europe for good footballing reasons again. A football club as storied as LFC has such a prominent role in the surrounding community that it becomes a sort of nervous system. I find that very interesting and wanted to show the club (Gerrard heading the defiant goal in a superman pose) as the driving force of the city once again reaching a point of pride in its history. His defiance and endurance, things which I associate with the city, are basically the collective voice of the city and its people. Avid Liverpool fans will notice that lyrics from the Gerry & The Pacemakers song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ have made up some prominent aspects of the work. From the portrayal of the end of a storm, the golden sky and the flock of silver larks this artwork is drenched in the culture of Liverpool.