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Messi Stained Glass

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A3 (11.7 x 16.5 in) poster printed on 160gsm white paper, perfect for framing.
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Ships WORLDWIDE in a sturdy mailing tube.

Story behind the artwork
I think when I watch Messi I'm not actually watching football. How many hours of my life have been spent following the progress of 22 players on a pitch doing their best to pull the victory in their direction. There's a tussle and toil to those affairs. A sense of mundanity, the ball will hit wet mud and that smack reminds you of cold mornings playing for your own local team. So there's a link, I play football, those professional players play football, there may, and tenuous though it is, be some common ground. When watching Messi, that mundanity is just not there. He is operating on a different plane to the rest, the sheer consistency of his output has rendered it almost less impressive, we have no dud performances to measure the best against. They are all the best. He turns cynical adults the world over into marvelling wide eyed kids most weekends with the latest absurd goal, free kick, assist, run, pass, dummy, the list goes on. I try my best to appreciate him while I can, but there's no way I'm able to. His talent is too great, no one has even fully grasped it yet. And we won't, not until he's gone and all of football is mundane again. This print was the result of me just drawing without thinking much, he's a heavenly entity and the stained glass trope just seemed apt. He's also got the winged sandals of Hermes so I'm mixing metaphors a bit but I do think it works. In any case it's got Dan's guarantee of making you think Messi is great and can confirm whatever biases you had to begin with, which is what we're all after really. Isn't it?