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Do I ship worldwide?

Yes, I ship to all corners of the globe that accept mail.

How long until I have my order?

Delivery depends on where you are. Usually things shouldn't take longer than 2 weeks from the day I notify you that your order has shipped but as always there can be exceptions.

How is the artwork sent?

I ship my prints in a sturdy postal tube. The print itself is layered in packing paper and fits snugly so it avoids any damage in transit.

I have a query. What do I do?

If you have an issue please feel free to drop me an email at the contact link in the sidebar and I'll do my very best to resolve it quickly. 

Is there any way to get prints that are sold out?

No, once a print is sold out, it's gone for good.

How will I know when a new print is being released?

I update specifically about this on my Twitter and Instagram.